We stumbled upon some air plants in a shop and out of curiosity, we decided to check out this uniquely looking plants. We bought them for our indoor corner and slowly it grew into an urban jungle!

We love the fact that houseplants purifies the air at home and offices. Passionate about indoor gardening and its endless decoration possibilities, we decided to create a space for all of those who wants to bring (soilless) plants indoors. We started solely on crafting with air plants and preserved flowers. Over time, we expand our growing fleet of plants’ variety and explore creative ways of displaying them.

We are a small online business based in Singapore and this allows our customers easy access to these hearty plants with a range of display ideas that reflected our style. We are constantly seeking inspiration and exploring with materials to craft out new creations. We strive our best to choose the healthiest and best available plant for each order.

We hope our indoor landscaping creations enhance your spaces, bringing nature and positive vibes to everyone. Thank you for supporting us all these while and we hope you enjoy growing an indoor garden all year long!