Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are easy to care for and uniquely beautiful as home decor, all-occasion gifts. What’s the secret to keeping air plants healthy? They do well in bright area with indirect sunlight and soak in water from time to time.

Air plants are very forgiving and can get their moisture, nourishment from the air. But never put them in soil, it will harm them!


We recommend giving the plants a soak in a bath of water for about 5-10 minutes every month. Turn them upside down and shake gently to remove any excess water. Set in a spot with bright light and good air circulation to dry off. Sitting water can cause rot and kill the plant. You will notice that as air plants soak up water, they will turn vividly green.

On days you don’t soak, you can mist the plants lightly about 2-3 times a week, preferably in the morning, with a spray bottle for optimal care. For air-conditioned spaces, you would need to mist them more frequently.

Too much water

If your plant is black and mushy, especially in the middle of the plant, it might not survive from the overwatering.

Lack of water

If your air plant is getting dry brown tips or natural concave curve leaves, give it a good soak for 1/2 hour and then resume normal watering.


Air plants should be kept where they will receive bright, indirect sunlight or under fluorescent home/office lighting. Do place the plants about 3-5 feet from a bright window. Too much direct sunlight can be harmful even in an indoor environment.


Good clean circulation of air is important for a healthy plant. Enclosed containers and not recommended and make sure the plants are completely dry before placing back to their containers.


If the leaf tips have dried out or turn brown, feel free to snip the dried tip off and this can be done the same for the plant’s roots. The plants will regrow after grooming so not to worry!


Incorporating Bromeliad or water-soluble fertilizer (recommended at ¼ strength) into your watering regimen once or twice a month is a great way to keep the plant happy and encourages it to blossom.

Preserved Flowers

They do not need any watering and can last for a couple of years if taken care of. Keep them away from humid, wet environment, and avoid strong, direct light. If you have accidentally wet your flowers, leave it to dry overnight in an air-conditioned room to absorb the moisture. Preserved flowers are organic and natural, kindly note that there will be gradual color fading over the years.


For air plants in aeriums, you will need to remove the plants for soaking and make sure that they are dry before putting them back. The smaller the aerium, the lesser the air circulation will be and the longer the plant will hold the moisture. Larger aerium has better air circulation and you can mist it few times a week.

Water Propogation: Money Plant, Tabletop Palm, Spider Ivy, Water Shamrock, Pennywort

After collection, fill tap water near to the brim of the test tube for all water propagation plants. Water must be kept clean by changing weekly for best results. A bright location, indirect sunlight is ideal. Depending on the plant and conditions, longer roots may take a couple weeks to grow.

Money Plant: Tough vining plant that does relatively well even in low light
Table Palm: Tropical plant that are slow growers
Spider Ivy: “Bedroom/Washroom” plant that grows nicely even under fluorescent lighting
Water Shamrock & Purple Oxalis: Good luck plant that will do well with good amount of sunlight
Pennywort: Coin-like plant that easily grows under any lighting

So do pay attention to your plants and adjust when needed, and they will bring years of enjoyment!